Full-Service, Professional Land Surveying Services

Land Surveying has been considered the "backbone of every project development", and rightfully so. A land survey is the process by which a parcel of land is measured and its boundaries and contents ascertained. The results of such survey will be translated on a map, plat, or by written statement.

Most people do not know if they need a survey or not so here are a few basic scenarios where a survey would be invaluable:

A Land Survey is advisable:

  • BEFORE title in land is transferred. A survey assures the location of property boundaries and the accuracy and wording of legal descriptions.
  • BEFORE land is subdivided by deed, will, or court.
  • BEFORE land is developed by the construction of buildings, roads, fences, etc.
  • BEFORE an easement or right-of-way is created across or along the land.
  • BEFORE a boundary dispute arises or when you believe someone is encroaching upon your land.

B&J Surveying, Inc. is a full-service land surveying company that can ease your mind by providing you with the proper guidance and expertise in determining what type of survey you may need.

Below is a list of some of our services we offer.

ALTA/ACSM Surveys Topographic Mapping
As-built Surveys Boundary Surveys
Construction Staking Final Plats
Lot Inventory Legal Description Development
Plot Plan /Site Plan Lot Matrix
Form Check Compliance Unit Staking
Grade Staking Improvement Surveys
Annexation Mapping Grade Certification
Warranty Condo Mapping
Scrape Offs FEMA Certifications
3D Modeling Monitor Well Location
Locate Property Corners Stake for Fencing and other Improvements
Earthwork Analysis/Layout Floodplain Analysis/Layout
Street/Roadway Layout

Make no mistake about it though, B&J Surveying, Inc. is a full-service land surveying company offering a wide range of services that may not have been mentioned above and too, we are glad to cater our services to meet your particular needs.

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